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As Canada slowly enters the era of retail magic mushrooms, Toronto is already ahead of the game. Ultimate Guide to Microdosing Psilocybin Mushrooms ( Keywords: psilocybin, motivation, depression, ketamine, microdose, attention, plasma exposure, psychedelic “You’re seeing these areas getting louder, and more active,” he said. “It’s like someone’s turned up the volume there, in these regions that are considered part of an emotional system in the brain. When you look at a brain during dream sleep, you see the same hyperactive emotion centers.” Like other psychedelics, shrooms have a demonstrated ability to expand creativity. You gaze at patterns you never noticed before; you visualize shapes you didn’t know existed. Having pencil and paper on hand is a good idea—but something about watercolors and their soft, dreamy ease seems most apt to the energy of shrooms. As clouds drift across the sky and thoughts breeze in and out of your head, the lazy drawl of a watercolor brush could be the best way to express your experience. Best of all, you can’t get it wrong. It’s impressionism!
When mapping out the best locations for foraging edible, non-psychedelic mushrooms, the Pacific Northwest, from California through to Washington, again topped the list, with nine out of the 25 top counties found in this area. “Not only do these counties have high rates of fungi observations, but they are also filled with mushroom meetup groups, forager festivals, and other social events dedicated to learning about and celebrating fungi,” the report noted. Most, if not all of these fungal molecules are constructed using L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid commonly found in mushrooms that is used to build many different proteins in our bodies, as well as neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin. Aside from knowing that it’s important for them, Young says we don’t have a good answer for why tryptophan shows up in mushrooms, too. But, as with other therapeutic compounds in mushrooms, the coincidence could pay off for humans